Christmas Party

Hi everyone !!

I am delighted to announce the next event!! I told myself that creating an internet page would be easier to tell you everything I want! Don’t pay attention to the rest, it’s my French travel blog (I should update it and translate it into English one day) But ….. Lets talk about the next Event !

To be able to carry out this event and continue to organize others and above all to have more and more free things, I am going to open a POT! Of course, only people who wish to participate can participate! This will allow me to buy more equipment for future events!

Lets start the evening with our traditional BBQ

Time : 4:30PM

Date : Friday 1st December

Location : Burswood park (I’m hoping for less flies) :

Going to the Barbecue

As usual, let’s meet up for a barbecue with our favorite DJ for a few hours to celebrate the end of the year together!

But this time !!

Free food for everyone !!

You just have to bring your own drinks !

Lets keep going the party in Hip Eclub

For people who know me, you know that I work in nightclubs almost every weekend! Well the boss has decided to offer everyone who wants to come to a nightclub this evening:

Free entry and a 1 Free drink

If no more place available, please send me a message on my instagram : @travel_thib

And A Big Surprise !

It’s the end of the year and I wanted to give you something special!
For everyone who participates to the POT (even few dollars), I will draw lots so that 5 people (with one person of their choice) can go from the barbecue to the nightclub in a LIMOUSINE!



Date : Friday 1st December
Time : 4:30PM
Location : Burshood Park Car Park

Free Food, bring your own Drink


Date : Friday 1st December
Time : 10:30PM
Location : Hip Eclub, Leederville

Free Entrance and 1 free Drink (susbscrite yourself for that)


Draw between all participants of the POT

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If you have any question, feel free to ask me !

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